What's FM AICHI?


The headquarters is located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. As the private broadcasting station, it is the oldest in Japan. Regardless of genre, age, etc., it has always focused on high quality music and has broadcasted a number of programs mainly in the Aichi area for half a century. It is a professional group that values Nagoya-style craftsmanship. This time, the program of The Beatles is provided to convey to the world their greatness and the fun of their songs.


Nagoya and Aichi

Aichi Prefecture is the best in Japan in terms of industrial shipping value for over 40 years. Nagoya is a thriving maritime trade city away from the capital city, and has something in common with Liverpool in the UK. From the prosperity of the automobile industry etc., it is the strongest manufacturing area in the world level. Since ancient times, it is also famous as a place of art, and "Nagoya cuisine" is also unique. During Sengoku period, three great heros(Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Ieyasu) were produced from this area. It is also said that a revolutionary will be born from this area in the era of turbulent times. Liverpool also produced the Beatles, a music revolutionary.In addition, Nagoya's broadcaster ( CBC) realized the Beatles Japan Tour. (Detailed on the May 14, 2019 broadcast of Kusuda Harumasa no Ya! Ya! Night!)

愛知県は40年以上、工業出荷額日本一である。名古屋は首都から離れた海運貿易の盛んな都市であり、英国のリバプールと共通点がある。自動車産業などが盛んで、世界レベルにおける、ものづくり最強エリアである。また、昔から芸どころとしても有名であり、名古屋めしも個性的である。戦国時代には、この地から三英傑(信長、秀吉、家康)が輩出された。乱世の時代にはこの地から革命児が生まれるとも言われている。リバプールも音楽の革命児、ビートルズを輩出した。さらに、名古屋の放送局(CBC)がビートルズの日本公演を実現した。(楠田晴正のYa! Ya! Night!, 2019/5/14放送分にて詳説)

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